CBSE 12 Exam 2021 Cancel Students Urge Govt

Students Urge Govt to Cancel CBSE 12 Board Exam 2021 due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

CBSE 12 Board Exam (2021) Latest News:-

Students have appealed to the government to cancel the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class XII exams, and many have spoken out on social media. The way twelve postgraduate boards have been vocal through campaigning on Twitter to cancel exams.

The CBSC board may decide to cancel all the examinations and postpone the upcoming Class XII examinations.
Parents, teachers and students of the students are reaching out to the government, academics and experts to cancel the CBSC Class XII examination to prevent corona virus infection. However, the CBSE board has not yet issued an official statement in this regard.

The CBSC is expected to review the new dates for Class XII examinations in the first week of June. The board has already postponed the Class XII examination which was scheduled to be held in March. According to the Ministry of Education, a decision on the new timetable will be taken on June 2.

CBSE has already issued a special policy document for the evaluation of Class X results. The parameters are listed in the document on the basis of which the candidates will identify the Class X candidates including the weighted average of the periodic half-yearly and pre-board examinations.
The CBSE instructed to moderate the identification based on the information related to the students about the school and this decision was welcomed by the experts.
Corona virus infection has caused panic all over the world and such a situation has never happened before. It is a global epidemic and the situation in India has become impossible to avoid. As a result, the standard of living of the people has come down and no one is yet able to tell the truth about how development is possible. So considering the situation, there has been considerable concern among various quarters and experts as to how far the board will postpone the test.

Many of the students have lost family members in the current Corona epidemic and many have already lost their parents. They are also worried about their own lives and are in sorrow and uncertainty. In this situation, it is a matter of thinking about how the students will study and take exams and the government has to take a decision in this regard.

According to a school counselor in Delhi, the government must think carefully about everything that has happened and look for alternative assessment plans by canceling all exams, as they did for class X.

Many students have voiced their concerns on their respective social media handles with hashtags to raise their concerns and cancel the 2021 board exam for their own reporting and significantly trending with over one million tweets.

Since the CBSE has canceled the Class X board exams, students have said that the Class XII board exams should be canceled in the same way and an alternative assessment should be sought for the results of the exams appearing offline and many students have already fallen ill with viral infections.

According to the CBSE notification, students who will be participating in the CBSE Class 12 Board Examination 2021 will get a 15 day notice for the datasheet before the commencement of the CBSE 12 class board exam 2021.

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