CBSE Conduct Rest of Class XII Exam 2020

CBSE will be conduct rest of Class XII exam 2020.

CBSE will be conduct rest of Class XII exam 2020.

The government has announced a nationwide lockdown to prevent coronavirus infection. As a result, examinations of various boards of the education department of the country and school-college education have been completely stopped. The Union Cabinet Minister of Human Resource Development of India, Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank has said, the lockdown announced to prevent coronavirus infection is normal and the decision to take school-college tests will be announced later when the situation is normal and will be lifted.

According to the source, the Ministry of Human Resource Development said that after the house arrest, the situation will be judged and the examination and reading schedule of different classes of schools and colleges of different education departments will be announced.

After the lockdown, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has clarified that the rest of the CBSE Class XII board-exams will be taken after judging the situation. According to the ministry, almost all the Class X examinations in the country except North-East Delhi have been completed before the start of the house arrest phase, so the rest of the Class X examinations will be held only in North-East Delhi. What is left in the rest of the country will be cured through internal school examinations. There has been no change in the position of the Board regarding the examination of the original 29 subjects of Class X and XII.

Education Minister Perth Chatterjee said on Wednesday that if schools and colleges reopened in West Bengal after June 10, the schedule for the remaining examinations would be finalized in consultation with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He said that he has finished looking at the secondary books and the work will be done as soon as the lockdown is lifted. And the results will be announced as soon as possible.

The university will decide on the college and university academic year and semester examination system. The ICSE board secretary further said, “We have not decided on the 10th and 12th class examinations. The situation will be decided after the end of the house arrest phase and the 12th class examinations and reading schedule will be announced after the decision is taken.”

CBSE Board Exam Subjects:
The CBSE board was not able to take the 7-day test due to the Covid-19 overdose. Besides, due to law and order situation in North East Delhi, the 4-day examination had to be canceled. Although the number of students in this district of Delhi is less, the 6th day exam has to be canceled as the students could not take the exam. In this unusual situation the board was forced to make some adjustments. The decision taken by the Board in this situation is given below:

The CBSE Board will examine only those subjects which are required for admission in the field of higher education and which need to be passed.
The CBSE board will not take the rest of the subjects. The evaluation guideline board will report these issues later.

The 29 subjects to be examined when it is possible for the Board to conduct the examination are given below: –

The subjects to be examined for 10th class are:
For the whole of India, for North East Delhi

1, Hindi Course A
2, Hindi Course B
3, English (common)
4, English (Language)
And literature)
5, science
7, social science

Subjects to be taken for Class XII: –
For all of India
1, Business Studies
2, Geography
3, Hindi (optional)
4, Hindi (original)
5, Home Science
6, Sociology
6, Computer Science (Old)
7, Computer Science (New)
9, Information Practice (Old)
10, Information Practice (New)
11, Information Technology
12, bio-technology

For North East Delhi
1, English (optional) -n
2, English optional-C
3, English origin
4, Mathematics
5, Economy
6, Biology
7, Political Science
8, History
9, Physics
10, Accountancy
11, Chemistry

(5) For CBSE schools located abroad: There are CBSE schools in 25 countries. There is also a lock down situation going on. In this case, it is not possible for the board to take the test in those countries. From there it is not possible to bring the answer sheets to India at this moment for evaluation. That is why the board has decided that no 10th and 12th class examinations will be conducted in schools outside the country.

(6) Evaluation Program:

In the current situation, the board will not carry out any evaluation program. The date of evaluation will be announced by the board later. The Board shall notify the Chief Nodal Inspector, Head Examiner, Examiner and Connectors at least three to four days before the commencement of the program.

(6) Instructions to avoid rumors:

All parties have been asked to keep an eye on the board’s designated website to avoid any rumors. The latest news can be found at In addition, it is said to keep an eye on the following sites —

(6) Schools will let students know:

Schools are requested to convey this information to the concerned students.

Students look the official website of CBSE day by day regularly for more information about rest exam.

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